drink_to_forget (drink_to_forget) wrote,


instead of progressing in my life, it seems as though i am constantly in regression.......
im fighting with my parents again
they see me as a suck up and a worthless piece of shit and i find myself in disagreement.....
im finally trying to make a stand for myself but it seems to be biting me in the ass
i dont know what im supposed to do
all i am looking for is a litle bit of happiness and a little bit of love.....
ive got to stop putting myself in situations that i know will hurt me
or have the potential to anyways....i dont do it intentionally
i need to do a lot of things differently
i need to distance myself from trouble because he is exactly that....trouble
im drawn to him while at the same time not because i know that i cant be
i dont know.....why all the complication? i mean really......porque?
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